Paul Colman is a Grammy Nominated singer/songwriter. He has written hit singles, garnered numerous awards, and has sold hundreds of thousands of records. The Paul Colman Trio, was nominated for a Grammy Award for best Pop Contemporary Gospel Album and for three years he was the guitarist for Aussie rockers, The Newsboys. In his time with the band, Paul co-wrote the hit song “Something Beautiful”. 


Paul has written and produced his own recordings (see www.paulcolmanofficial.com) as well as written with, and produced a number of artists.


Over the years, Paul Colman has become a specialist in the vital role that Pre-Production plays in the recording process. 



Why the Pre-Production Specialists?


“Pre-production is the work you do on a song BEFORE you record it.” 

Pre-production includes:

  • Choosing the best song(s) 

  • Rewriting the song(s) where necessary

  • Deciding on the best tempo and key 

  • Crafting the best possible arrangement

  • Making a demo


“The biggest mistake people make when recording, is not to spend enough time in pre-production. Many musicians buy their own gear and set out to record their music but the songs themselves are often not the best they can be. In addition, many producers don’t spend enough time on pre-production as they have a certain number of records they are committed to producing in a certain time period.” 


“It’s like painting a room before you have fixed the wall. No matter how good the paint or painting is, it’s never going to look the best.”


“It’s the same with recording. If you don’t do the due-diligence of making the songs the absolute best they can be, then no matter how good the production is, they’ll never advance your music endeavors.”


“Better to have average production on a great song than the other way around.”