Epic Season

"My band, Epic Season, was able to work together with Paul on two of our three mainstream projects. Besides being an infectious individual with the great ability of an encourager, Paul is incredibly knowledgeable and pushy without running the risk of assuming that his ideas are THE ideas. Without question, Paul’s strength lies in pre-production. He even has said that the moments prior to the studio are his favorite because in those places, creativity reigns. Paul truly dissects each song, finding strengths and weaknesses and pushes each song from a place of good to great. Everything is done with intense intentionality in order for the artist to find more of what they are trying to do. If you are looking to become more intentional about your work, I would highly recommend working with Paul."         

Nathan Wells

Safe DEMOEpic Season
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The Sun DEMOEpic Season
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Safe MASTEREpic Season
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The Sun MASTEREpic Season
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