Lainey Wright

“Pre-production with Paul Colman is a game changer.  I had the great honor of working with him as a young artist and even to call him a 'specialist' is an understatement.  Paul is amazing at catching an artist's vision and fighting hard to work the songs into their full potential.  He brings expertise to every aspect of songwriting, whether it's that melodic shift in the chorus hook, the final lyric after a long day of writing, or brilliantly upping the tempo on a sleepy song to bring it back to life.  And what's more-- he does it in such a way that invites the artist in and communicates value in collaboration.  Paul isn't solely interested in churning out a batch of songs and moving on, but rather he cares to listen and really know the person and stories and heart behind what is being created.  Through our pre-production sessions, he came alongside me and offered an invitation to grow and develop not only my songs, but my artistry and creativity.  What an amazing experience!"

Little Town DEMOLainey Wright
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My Freedom Song DEMOLainey Wright
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Weeping Willow Tree DEMOLainey Wright
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Little Town MASTERLainey Wright
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My Freedom Song MASTERLainey Wright
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Weeping Willow Tree MASTERLainey Wright
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